Meet our team and how we started!

As college students, we understand the struggles of mental health and know how difficult it could be to manage. By creating "Just For You Therapy" we offer a solution to this problem. College students can use this resource to talk when they need to our trusted therapists. We hope that our platform helps students understand that the help they need is at the tip of their fingers and that mental health problems can be overcome! Here is a little background about our team members.


Emma Goodstein

Meet Emma! Emma is from West Chester, Pennsylvania and is now a student at the University of Miami. She is majoring in Health Management and Policy. Being that mental health is such a prominent concern right now, especially in college students, Emma is really excited to be a part of the Just4You Therapy journey.


Isabel Muelas

Meet Jillian! Jillian is a New York native who is studying Health Management and Policy at the University of Miami. She is passionate about mental health and finding a solution to such a widespread issue. She, along with her team members, have collaborated to do just that!

Meet Isabel! Isabel is originally from Spain but has been living in the United States for the past ten years, and is majoring in Health Management and Policy at the University of Miami. She is very involved in finding a better solution for everyone to get the mental help they need since this has become a more widespread concern.


Jillian Bloom

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Meet Kayla! Kayla is from Birdsboro, Pennsylvania and currently attends the University of Miami as a Health Management and Policy major. Being interested in health and health solutions, Kayla is excited to collaborate with her teammates to create mental health resources for college students.

Kayla Painter