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Connect with a therapist right for your needs

Not everyone has the same needs. In fact, it’s hard to find two people who benefit from the exact same approach to wellness. Let us get to know you and together we can find you a therapist right for your needs to build your personalized therapy plan.

Just4You Therapy Group Events

As part of being a member of the Just4You Therapy community, we offer monthly group discussions with special guest speakers. Here we focus on one specific topic that our therapists believe is relevant for our members at the time of the event. These events are held on Zoom once a month. To sign up for an event, visit our "Book Online" section or click here! See below to view information about some of our past events and to see our schedule for upcoming events!

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Event 1, September 2021 - College During a Pandemic

During this session, guest speaker discusses common issues faced by college students during the pandemic and techniques for dealing with stress associated. 

Event 2, October 2021 - Time Management

During this session, guest speaker discusses the importance of time management on mental health, and discusses some healthy time management practices.

Event 3, November 2021 - Tips for a Mentally Healthy Midterm Season

During this session, guest speaker discusses common triggers faced by students during midterm season and healthy DBT coping mechanisms to manage. 

Upcoming Events

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Just4You Community Forum

Just4You's Community Forum allows our users to amongst one another to provide recommendations, advice, and support to their peers. Our staff provides forum discussion prompts, and from there, Just4YouTherapy members can discuss that prompt amongst each other. The purpose of our forum is to allow an extra support resource for our users to make sure they are always heard.

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There are single fee for service plans:

Initial survey and initial matching process is free

$5 per session attended

$10 subscription for monthly plan for ability to access all upcoming speakers, group events, emailed cloud recordings, and community forum